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The Highest Seder with Reb Shlomo Zts”l

Korbon pesach in Eretz Yisroel

Everybody asks, how could we have performed the
korbon Pesach (sacrifice of the Paschal lamb) in Egypt?
We had korbon Pesach the night G-d took us out of Egypt.
But, we are not permitted to eat korbon Pesach outside of
Jerusalem! There is a Midrash in the holy Zohar. The Torah
The Zohar asks, ״. I carried you on eagles’ wings ״ : tells us
when did G-d carry us on eagles’ wings? For forty years
we shlepped ourselves through the desert! So, the Zohar
answers. while we were in Egypt clouds came and picked
up every Jew and carried us to Jerusalem, and we ate the
korbon Pesach in Jerusalem. Then. we were brought back.
And then, we walked out of Egypt. I said to my friend that
Pesach morning, when you walk to shul and you meet
another Jew, and you feel connected to that Jew, probably,
last night. when the clouds took you to Jerusalem, you saw
that Jew and you were waving to each other through the
When did Eretz Yisrael receive the kedusha of clal Yisrael?
Pesach night. The night of korbon Pesach. Because, in order
to make korban Pesach, you need the inhabitant to be in
Eretz Yisrael. This is Pesach night. When all the Jews first
came to Eretz Yisrael, that is when Eretz Yisrael received
its kedusha as the everlasting home of clal Yisrael.

Seder night we begin with Kadesh
From a Torah sheet Bhm”d Kehilath Yacov 1985
Dear Friends,

From a Torah sheet Bhm”d Kehilath Yacov 1985
Dear Friends,
Everybody knows that holiness is the highest level a
person can strive for. It takes a whole lifetime to really
become holy. Seder night we begin right on top, this is
what our holy rabbis teach us, that even in exile we can
work our way up. Not to be in exile, to be free, means that
I am not afraid to jump on top, on top of the top. On Seder
night, our children feel so close to us, they are asking us
all the questions. Why don’t our kids talk to us during the
year? Because sadly enough, we look at them with exile
eyes. First you go to Cheder, then you go to Yeshiva, then
you get one Ph.D. and then another. You go slowly, slowly,
that is exile behaviour. The truth is, every child has it in
him to reach right away from the first, for the highest, for
the deepest. Anyone who is around children understand
that Children are on the highest level, so Seder night after
we call out Kadesh our kids say, okay, if this is the way you
look at life we can talk to you again.
People who think it takes so long to get rich when they see
a poor man, they are not inviting him, they think that until

Seder night we begin with Kadesh
this poor fellow will get rich it will take so long, why should
I invite him to eat in my home. On Pesach it takes just one
second. I say, this poor man, maybe he will become rich
in just one second. Let every poor person come into my
I say to the poor ״. Kol dikfin yeisevyeikal ״ . house and eat
don’t despair, maybe you’ll be rich tonight, maybe ״ , man
in just five minutes.
A human being has to work himself up very slowly. It is
a gift from heaven that sometimes in just one second I
can reach the highest level. To be in exile means I believe
in G-d, but it depends on me, and I have to work hard to
get anywhere. Seder night everybody knows is a different
thing. Since it is a gift from heaven, why not ask right away
for the highest thing? Begin with the highest, begin with
* * *

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